Picture-post #1



This is where I normally live. Waterloo in the evening, around 8 o clock. Taken on the way to campus. It’s not a very good picture, but I love sunsets and the way the colours bleed into each other here.



Huevos rancheros. Dished up last fall by me during my stay in Toronto. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen. That was the last time I cooked anything more exciting than daal-bhaath.



These are friends. Taken one rummy day this summer. They are not dating, but I love this photograph. That there, on the left is my sunshine. There are some people who live up to, and exceed your expectations. They’re the best sort of surprise.



This is one of my best friends. This is possibly my most favourite picture of her ever. It is not a good picture by any means but the expression is basically her. 

ImageThis has been the spirit of this summer. A and KD on the day that StonerJesus left for the nth time. Taken on StonerJesus’ roof. 



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