so much letharg…

so much lethargy, i’ve fallen into a state of perpetual uselessness. hedonism still, but a lazy long sort of hedonism. i want to shake myself out of this. Again. major episode. four months flew by and along the way i lost a few pounds, gained a boyfriend, lost motivation and gained a propensity for smoke and spirits. so many new experiences, so many drifters, so much food. through this cocoon, that i’ve wrapped myself in, i dully realize that i’m fucking things up.

pinterest has taken over my life. yes, i realize exactly how lame that sounds. days of my life are draining away into nothing.

i have 30 days to go. i want to

  • volunteer
  • get back into my workout groove
  • learn a few basic yoga routines
  • learn a few simple dishes
  • read all the books i’ve been stockpiling
  • keep spending time with the fam and the gramps
  • stock up on my wardrobe for the next year
  • enroll for  the last class and brush up on official documents
  • get a part time position with a prof
  • get pumped up for the fall
  • submit my work report and get my work evaluation
  • possibly lose the blank.
  • gain a more toned stomach

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