List blogs are …

List blogs are the most useless kind of blogs. This is turning into a list blog.

Today I:

  1. Woke up and moaned and lay about in bed for a bit with cramps
  2. Decided that it wasn’t the most effective coping mechanism, cursed my period and dragged myself out of bed to go brush teeth and eat fresh fruit and a fried egg
  3. Rolled around in bed and finished reading Uncle Dynamite. I wish I had an Uncle Fred.
  4. Texted the boyfriend saying that I had found a brilliant substitution for ‘fuck’. It is ‘dickens’ 😀 Sample: What the dickens? The dickens? How the dickens? Only ‘ the dickens-ing ‘ sounds a bit clunky but ohwell. One step closer to being a real lady, one without a pottymouth.
  5. Decided that I will BE PRODUCTIVE.

Today I plan to:

  1. Commence my first actual day of work with an NGO, where I will go spend time with the children of prostitutes in Calcutta’s oldest red light district, Kalighat.
  2. Kiss my boyfriend.
  3. Make headway on my work term report which has been plaguing me like a bad case of the measles.
  4. Sign up for my fifth class
  5. Explore employment opportunities for the fall term in gray Waterloo
  6. Meet the gramps.
  7. Return home early enough to avoid the wrath of the parentals
  8. Make progress with reading one of the many books I have borrowed and decorated my windowsill with
  9. Meet best friend number 2.

Update: While I evidently avoided being terribly productive, I also:

  1. Brought the boyfriend home. He met the entire clan
  2. Started reading The Invention of Morel
  3. Managed to traumatize my phone to such an extent that it stopped sending outgoing messages in the middle of a conversation about the exact location of the urethra

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