This is not a love letter 2.0

Things that will remind me of you:

  1. Long Facebook conversations and Facebook in general. 8tracks. 9gag. pinterest.
  2. The Men’s clothing section anywhere. Pantaloons.
  3. Words: grim and solemn, frustu, fonzie, kissyface, tongle
  4. Beer >.< (ohdeargod)
  5. Bananas. Not in that way
  6. The blues
  7. Tom Waits, Joe Bonamassa, Feist, The Grateful Dead
  8. Pine Moon, Sweet Thing, The Boogie Man Song, I Wanna Do Bad Things To You, I Want You, Hold On, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, Evergreen Tree, that happy-sounding depressing song, Lover, Bloom
  9. KFC, Starmark- South City
  10. Steinbeck, American Psycho, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, Black Book, Mohsin Hamid, The Sandman comics
  11. Book lights
  12. Bearded men. (Not bearded women. That would be strange, and hard to come across)
  13. Publishing houses
  14. Bachhan’s dhaba, Balwant Singh’s dhaba and doodh cola (The last isn’t something I will miss. At all)
  15. The vestibule in metros.
  16. Oxford bookstore
  17. Summer
  18. Durgapur (heh heh and frustration)
  19. Hobos. Yes really. Facepalm.
  20. Zen, chilled out people, stoners *shakes head in frustration*
  21. Hungary. Schenectady! Calcutta.
  22. Golf Green
  23. The smell of smoke
  24. My room in my upstairs-flat, my room in my downstairs-flat, Rupsha’s balcony (ohshit Rupsha’s place in general), Sattam’s place, Arunava’s place.
  25. Action. Haha. Sex-ed.
  26. Pork fat. *shudders*
  27. Ebola. HIV. Kaala azar. Filaria (haha quite disgusting this is turning out to be)
  28. School of Tropical Medicine, SCTR
  29. The JU backstairs, CL Ledge
  30. Picadilly, waffles, pancakes, Maidan, Metro cinema near Esplanade
  31. Rango. (Hah hah)
  32. Electricians called Mawna 😀
  33. The =* smiley. Also the tranny smiley but ohwell. And the smug blowjob face smiley.
  34. Blue jeans. Dirty jeans.
  35. My Jimi Hendrix slippers that are two sizes too big
  36. Goa.
  37. Someday by The Beatles. But that is more out of panic from the mater calling at inopportune moments
  38. Port Wine.
  39. The period belt, Daler Mehendi, Balle Balle Boyz (whatthefuck.)
  40. My own body (and now this is just unfair, damn you)
  41. Very skinny people.
  42. Weed. Cigarettes. Clearly you’re a great influence.
  43. Taaja’s. Old songs from the 1920’s.
  44. Incessant texting
  45. Keep Calm and Murder Everyone. (very sound life advice, this)
  46. Ohwell.
  47. Squishing
  48. Albacoon
  49. Ha’pant aar chhera ganji
  50. Cartoon songs

Most things it seems will remind me of you, for some time to come.


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