I have never had so many people to love before

Family is like a tree that sinks its roots deep, deep down into you so that after a point you can’t separate it from yourself. To my family: I hate you guys, I love you guys, I could never extricate you from myself.

To Trisha- A friend like you is hard to come by. One needs to be particularly lucky to find someone who with all their own flaws, accepts all of yours, while not necessarily writing them off as okay. We need people to tell us the truth, we need people to see us as so much more than we see ourselves. We need people with whom we feel as comfortable and at home, as we do with family.

To N- You make me surprise myself. I am neither cool, nor detached, nor held back. Nor do you give me much scope to be miserable or go into terrible thought spirals for long. This is amazing, and beautiful, and if I sound like I’m gushing, it’s because I am. I’m not afraid to be weird, or strange or myself around you. It sounds trite, and cheesy, but there it is. It’s such a bigfuckingdeal, it’s insane. I love you, and I’m in love with you, and I will probably club you over the head and kidnap you to Africa one day.

To Squg- You need to stop worrying. You are such an awesome little ball of sunshine, you’re like one of those springs that are coiled up and then you let them go and they bounce all over with this energy. This is not to say that you’re hyper, or manic, or anxious, though you certainly are all of those things. This is to say that there is so much beauty, and goodness in you as a person, it is astonishing. I love you, I do. You are very easy to love, very easy to care about, and very easy to miss in such a short span of time. I truly, truly wish only good things for you.

There are more, but three seems like a good number for now.


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