I went out runn…

I went out running today. Came back home from Zoology lab pretty tired, and thinking about the ever present to-do list that looms over my head. I stepped out of the bus, and suddenly it was just this beautiful weather. Canada’s been pretty grumpy and cold lately, like a cantankerous old man. Today was what you’d expect fall to be. I willed myself to walk home and in the two minutes it took me to walk from the bus stop to my building, I suddenly decided, fuck it. Fuck the work. It’ll be there for a bit now. I need to sleep early, and I need to go over things for the umpteenth time and meet a deadline, but the gorgeous weather. It was just calling out to my feet, and the song on my old purple mp3 matched the feeling in my feet, and it had been ages since they’d done any running. I climbed up the stairs, dropped my stuff, shed my jacket, grabbed my keys, and ran out. I ran for something like 45 minutes. Blissful blanking out. Went into territory I hadn’t seen before. There’s a Sugarbush Park around Weber Street. There are red, red leaves on the way. Reminded me a little of Guelph. The stray annoyances from my day wandered into my head, but for the most part my footsteps chased them away.

I came home panting, red faced, with aching legs, and happy.


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