Random things from the internet that made me laugh out loud

So today I got done with the bane of my existence- my 6 hour weekly molecular biology lab, and a whole bunch of other important deadline oriented midterm-applications-volunteering type things. It has been a long, tiring week, and there are more like this coming up. But right now, this Thursday night I am wearing comfy grey pajamas and a hoodie and chilling so hard. I’ve been trawling the net, and maybe I’m just glad I get to sleep again, or maybe it’s the Reese’s peanut butter cups, but I keep reading things online that make me laugh. Out loud. Which isn’t something that happens all that often, come to think of it.

Also, I am reading the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, and quite surprisingly liking it. I snitched a bunch of books from the Women’s Centre library (which I will obviously return), and I’m very pleased about it. I will write something coherent later- right now I’m fairly sure this reads like the composition of a fourth grader- blame it on sleep deprivation. Instead, I will post random lines that made me LOL from the interwebs.

Page 56: Hedwig bites it as the Death Eaters attack. Still, we’ll have all those great memories of Hedwig. Like the time Hedwig delivered a package. Or the other time Hedwig delivered a package.

Page 309: “MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!” Harry Potter is Batman! *oh batman. general fond indulgence*

Page 371: Oh, good, Ron is back. Everybody, wave your tiny little flag for Ron.

From Thought Catalog’s article, “Honest Facebook Photo Captions”:

“Just a friendly reminder that I’m in a relationship and you’re not.”

“I look like I’m screaming here, but really I just quietly posed with my mouth wide open in mock-shock fashion because, edgy.”



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