I went to a Dylan-Knopfler concert on the 14th. To say that it was brilliant, and life changing and surreal would be an understatement. I mean I have a poster of Dylan in my room that is more than half my size. But Knopfler was the real revelation for me. Details and pictures are on the music blog, which I have added as a new page here. 

I’ve been feeling intensely grateful for everything I have in my life, of late. I have decided to give up any resentment I had towards Canada, or at least add some gratefulness into the mix. If I had never come here, I would never have gotten the internship at Harvard which I’m going to be doing come Jan 2013, nor would I have seen Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler in the flesh and been privileged enough to experience their fantastic music live. 

So, with all the sincerity that I can muster up, I finally thank you, Waterloo. Wholehearted thanks.  I am very, very grateful, and truly glad that I came, without reservation, without bitterness, without regret, for the very first time in my life.

This looks like a healthy trend. I’m sort of loving 2012, but I’m starting to get kinda paranoid that I have a ginormous ‘Kick me’ sign taped to my  back and the cosmic kick will happen very soon. 


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