2:17 am

I watched ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ today. Right before I rewatched ‘Juno’. And earlier in the day I finished watching the second half of ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ cuz I’d fallen asleep halfway through it last night. So I didn’t really get the point of Coffee and Cigs. Seemed sort’ve like all aesthetic and no substance. I mean it had the coolest cast- you stick Tom freaking Waits in there, he’ll make anything cool. I guess watching Waits and Iggy Pop trying to awkwardly one-up each other had its moments, but those moments mostly revolved around “OMG TOM WAITS” in my head, than anything else. The ‘Cousins?’ sketch was strong, I thought, but it didn’t really have anything else going for it. The boyfriend sort of half assedly recommended it to me, and I was a little annoyed that I didn’t like it, y’know, I really wanted to like it. But yeah. I mean I didn’t see the point at all. It seemed like the kind of movie everyone says they like because everyone says they like it.

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ on the other hand was fantastic. I love Wes Anderson. Every movie I’ve watched by him so far has made me happy. He has a great aesthetic going on, but thankfully that’s not all. And what I love about his movies are how warm they are, despite his heroines who don’t smile. My personal favourite of his films is ‘The Darjeeling Limited’, but I haven’t seen ‘Rushmore’ yet which S. says is absolutely fantastic, and he should know. I’ll watch it soon, I suppose. It’s one of those films that have been lying around on my hard drive forever because I’ve been reluctant to watch them out of this strange feeling that I won’t like them.

‘Juno’ is brilliant, obviously. This time it made me teary instead of providing the usual snarky chuckles. Maybe I’m just PMSing or whatever, but I guess I identify with that bit in the middle- I really need to know that it’s possible for two people to be happy together forever. I guess I just need to believe that true lasting love is possible. I’m only about to turn 21 but I feel like I’m growing up at breakneck speed, and people back home- my best friends at least- have found the person they’re going to stick with- and I don’t even know where I am on that front. It’s just scary to contemplate.

Distance is a bitch. Time is a bitch. Space is a bitch. Life’s a bitch. But it’d suck to be dead, so here we go.


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