The Alphabet Tag

A is for annie hall, apple pie, amsterdam, adda, Abba, Azad Hind

B is for brishti, binuni, bichana, breakfast, bhaja(deem,alu,phoolkopi,begun), begunbhaja, Beatles, bangali, bhaath, bhaat, bokuni, Buckley(Jeff), blog, biology, beer, Bukowski

C is for cool, christmas, chocolate, Cohen, climbing, caramelized, crazywoman, Calcutta, chhaath, chingri maach, Cyprus, chicken noodle soup, chop, cheese, codbel, chaa, coffee

D is for diplodoccus, dhop, deem, doodh, dollars, Dylan(Bob), dolna, dhaba

E is for emptiness, ennui, empathy, exaggeration, elephantiasis, egg sixtyfive, email

F is for fortune, foolish, firang, Friday, familiarity, fondness, facebook, Feist

G is for gossip, girl, Goodnight, golmorich, gobet, golpo, gaan, gol-mukh, ‘Grace’, GeorgeHarrison, guava, goja, Greece

H is for hobo, hirak raja’r desh’e, halaal, harami, ‘Heroin’, hello, ‘Hallelujah’, halud, happiness, Hungary

I is for ipecac, India, imbue, ilish maach

J is for joke, jam, julep, jealousy, JustinBua, J.J Cale, jerk, Japan, juice

K is for kangaroo, koala-toque, kutta, “kitne aadmi the?”, khichuri, khopa

L is for Lennon, ludo, life, lyangto, london, lighter, love, letter

M is for Ma, madhu, mishti, moon, Murakami, morbid, mixee, mud, madness, mantra, mutton-biryani

N is for nandan, natak, nightie, Neelu, nordoma, New York, Neruda

O is for orange, oxford, octopus, Orwell(George), onion

P is for Plath(Slyvia), Pink Floyd, pujo, phonecall, Paris, P.G Wodehouse, pictures, peanut butter

Q is for Queen

R is for Riddhi, Rebecca, Rome, run.

S is for ships, sails, sorcery, summer, saturday, science, Schenectady, sale, sex, Sunderbans

T is for Tinkle, toonibulb, time, telescope, Terry Pratchett, Toronto, trains.

U is for ulu, uluberiya

V is for Velvet Underground, vintage

W is for Waits(Tom), Wasseypur, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson

X is for (e)x.

Y is for Yeti, Yemen.

Z is for Zazou.


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