This is how you lose her

With small disappointments and petty rejections that seem meaningless at the time. With every unreturned gesture and unreciprocated expression of love. With each time she decides that the answer you will give her is a no, and lets the question decay somewhere at the back of her mind. With every time you push her away a little bit further. With every time she hesitantly makes herself vulnerable, and you leave her cold, and feeling stupid. With each time you are callous enough to let her simmer in her difficult moods because it’s easier. With each time she meets someone she could be attracted to. With each passing day as she slowly stops thinking about the future, and comes to expect that there won’t be one. She has given you her puny little heart, and every day as she learns to brush things aside, say a little less, care a little less, this is how you lose her.


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