UFF this is like fake pre exam time. can i please go somewhere else, be someone else. i’m sick of umreeka. want to go live somewhere in india where i know lots of people but will see no one because i’ll be sitting, no lying down on a green bedcover in an ac room with green curtains, reading, reading, reading.

i just described the master bedroom in park’er baari. dhyat.

i am just sick of being told what to do, and sick of thinking so much about it all the time. wouldn’t it be nice if i could just know what i’m doing next year and be happy with it, no unexpected surprises, thank you very much.

i’m sick of being politically correct and understanding, sick of being a hard worker, sick of a neverending to-do list, and a boy who is a stubborn, lazy ass. i’m sick of having a house without a fan, and a blocked nose. i want to be in kerala with my family, ten years old, taking pictures on a dinky toy camera. i also want to be a goat, but a pet goat, not one that is being slaughtered to make delicious mutton curry- “kheye nao, shiggir, rontoo”


i don’t want to have feelings ever again. NO MORE EMOTIONS, THANK YOU. ALSO NO MORE CATSICK ON THE STAIRS WHEN I WOKE UP. also no more people saying things like ‘lovely femmeness’. also i cannot listen to music anymore. 

the baba (not the father, the sattam) emailed me and told me not to do this thing with my eyebrows where i look like a nervous, sad puppy, when i give my talk. i was trying to figure out what the devil he meant, while doing it, such is life etcetera. yesterday i wore a dress from the seventh grade that i used to wear a tank top under, only i didn’t yesterday because i’m bigger? but my boobs were on display, and i kept alternating between ‘WORLD HERE ARE MY BOOBS’ and ‘ughh i wish i had a bib because they are DISTRACTING’.

i woke up from uneasy sleep where i’d buzzed off all my hair and was passing as a boy with some strange name like Rat. also crazy amounts of police sirens outside my window for a longtime, and in my sleep i thought they were coming after me ‘cuz i hadn’t finished my presentation. 

dhurr. i am sick of glitter, sick of being politically correct, and having to think about whether i’m being ‘oppressive’ every time i open my mouth.

all i want is to be on a footpath somewhere, drinking thums up and waiting for an auto.

okay? okay.

i have probably written too many things i shouldn’t have, but fuck that. in other news, i showed ma something fictional and now she’s paranoid that i’m sleeping with my boss (I’M NOT. I’M NOT, UFF RUBBISH).



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