I haven’t  been blogging recently because I’ve been running around actually doing stuff. I did a play, I went to my first ever Red-Light Party, went to a Ceili (so much fun!), learned how to waltz, and I asked a guy out for the first time ever- yesterday- and also got rejected for the first time ever. I have been coping by a) wailing to my friends, b) imagining the hilarious short-story/ blog post I’m going to turn this whole deal into, and c) eating the maple fudge and toffee cheese I have in my fridge from my trip to Vincenzo’s last night.

For long-time readers of the blog (if indeed you still exist), I’m still with the boyfriend. We’re in an open relationship, and it is pretty fucking awesome albeit a little bit weird to be able to discuss with your boyfriend, how best to ask out this other guy. 

Anyway, long somewhat funny post on being a woman and doing the ill-conceived asking coming up soon-ish.



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