Shit I say to my roommate #1

“I know I didn’t have sex with him because I started throwing up, ha!”


In other news, my roommate A.,  has created a twitter account dedicated to the things that come out of my mouth. This follows a facebook thread, where she live-updated the things I said over the course of a Skype conversation with my boyfriend. Is this the first step to fame? To notoriety? Enh, I dunno.

This is the twitter account:

And this was the thread:

“Why do these girls take horrible pictures of me without telling me? They’re totally ruining me being a Goth/Indie girl or any attempt at me ever being cool.”
Roomate’s bf: “lol”
“Oh shut up. Don’t you want a cool girlfriend?”
  • I hate you all. I have a tattoo and a short haircut and I’m supposed to look cool but all I look like is a teletubby.”
  •  *in a completely serious and distressed voice*: “Lala over tinky winky. I think I’d rather be Lala.”
  • [to her boyfriend over skype]: “You have a secret Teletubby fetish. …you could have said “no” instead of “I don’t know.” That is NOT a fantasy we’re fulfilling.”
  • You called me a random hot woman. Aww that is so sweet of you to say and completely true.”
  • “YOU’RE CENSORING MY SPEECH! This is America, bitch. *pause* …well, it’s Canada, but it’s pretty close.”

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