Bucket List

in no particular order:

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Go back to Cyprus with wo/man in life
  3. Go backpacking through India
  4. Run my own cafe
  5. Get a big scholarship
  6. Visit Greece
  7. Visit Istanbul
  8. Learn to play the guitar
  9. Learn some form of self defense
  10. Get a tattoo (9th March 2013)
  11. Live in New York
  12. Live in Delhi
  13. Live in Bombay
  14. Waitress
  15. Write a book, have it published
  16. Adopt a baby
  17. Make a baby? (They’ll come up with a less painful way in the next ten years right? SCIENCE YOU GAIZ)
  18. Adopt/buy/obtain a black cat
  19. Ask a guy out (Feb, 21st 2014, piss drunk in the a.m, over text- shot down)

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