1. I cannot study with music. Ever. It’s time I accepted it and threw away the headphones when it comes to it.

2. Keep faith in the little-did-i-know.

3. Getting desperate about things is always a bad idea. Each and every time I have gotten desperate about things/situations, they have fallen apart. I cannot say why it is, but Life lesson here: Don’t get desperate about things. Work for them, hope for them if you will, but be chill. Do not get desperate.

4. To come back to “mother is always right”, the habits  you have at home will follow you into the real world. And have real consequences for work and relationships. Like being clumsy, or having a bad temper, or being lazy, or self absorbed.

5. A guy will not make you happy. Not even the right man can cloak all the cracks in your life. You don’t have to be at peace with yourself and love yourself or be self actualized to love someone else. But being in the right relationship will not magically erase all your problems. Cliches are cliches for a reason.

6. Fewer secrets usually mean being more comfortable and less ashamed of who you are. Growing up can be nice. I think I like it.

7. I am less charming than I think, and more endearing than I know.- March 16, 2014


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