Things to look forward to/ things to keep me going

  1. Getting my drank on with L at pubcrawl on late-night Friday
  2. Getting my nose pierced next week
  3. Guilt-free sleep for a good seven hours this weekend
  4. Acquiring a new programming skill- MATLAB
  5. Butternut squash soup and pumpkin pie coming soon to the Atrium
  6. Abnormal psychology classes
  7. Listening to the Dylan CD Tanuka gave me
  8. Reading the C.S Lewis collection James gave me
  9. Watching ‘Sanyasi Raja’ that Ma gave me about a year ago
  10. Reading the European Folktales book that Shalmi gave me
  11. Winter break in Dubai
  12. Getting my second tattoo after graduation
  13. The beautiful walk to campus every morning in the fall
  14. Catching up on all the coursework I have a backlog on and actually understanding class
  15. Hair growing past my shoulders again
  16. Yoga or kickboxing classes
  17. Going running
  18. Eating healthy home-cooked food and getting into the routine of not eating out

You really got a hold on me

I’m so consistently grateful for you, you’d be slightly freaked out if you knew. Everyday I’m grateful for you. You’re one of the best things 2012 threw up, maybe the best thing, my biased heart says. I write love letters these days. I’m a sap these days. I’m so very chill these days, so very chill for me. I rely on you these days. But baby, if you bring a squirrel home, you’re welcome to keep it company outside.